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Cumbersome for students and parents. Not so great for teachers either.

I find Seesaw to be cumbersome for students and parents. Links to external content (primarily YouTube videos) are often broken. Many times YouTube ads come up before content is displayed. YouTube presents ads based on activity history on the machine accessing content and therefore the ads are not always age appropriate. Just the fact that students have to sit through any ads is enough to avoid these kinds of activities for a couple of reasons. First, it eats up time that could be better spent in learning. Second, it forces having to sit through these undesirable ads. Not a single parent I've spoken to likes having to deal with this product and I've found it is not because they don't understand how to use it. They know how to use it. It's for the reasons I've mentioned it should not be used. Another thing is these damn text boxes. It should be the template creator or the teacher that creates these boxes before assigning the activity. Unfortunately far too many teachers are too lazy to do this and cover their laziness with the excuse that making the students create these boxes teaches them about the digital world. In a word, NONSENSE! Last but not least, many applications like Seesaw were haphazardly developed and latched onto in an effort to address remote learning during lock downs yet little has been done to improve and address the shortcomings in these products. IXL is one that some thought has gone into and it is actually not a terrible offering. Seesaw is a hack job plain and simple. Parents I've talked to and I 100% agree that learning sessions are extended by at least 50% just dealing with the 'administrative nonsense' that goes with using the product. Bottom line here is that with so many kids returning to classrooms Seesaw and the like should not even be in use at this point. Overall Seesaw is a complete loser in my opinion and does little more than encourage teachers to avoid the actual art of teaching. Not that this is surprising given our current culture that seeks to lower standards in practically every way.
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We lost years of school projects for both of our children, seesaw refuses to give it to us.

This year we logged in and we found no data of the previous years. I asked them to make it available, or at least send me the data bulk. They refused to send it. It is not clear yet if they want money or we lost years of school projects for both of our children, but at the moment it looks like we may never get it back.
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Great Ed Tech Tool!

To say the least, it is a creative tool that engages children and offers different tools to complete the assignments, which serves as a form of Augmentation as shown in the SAMR Model. I would only suggest to make sure younger students spend time familiarizing themselves with the app because it can be quite tricky for the little ones at first, but once they got it down tasks will be completed faster.
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It is not very convenient.

I didn't like anything about the seesaw. I have a conclusion that it is not very convenient.
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a student-centered tool for reflection and documenting learning

This is a great way for students to show their work and thought processes in real time. They are able to send in videos and images of them practicing for math, figuring out a questions, etc. This can really push a student to want to learn because they can show their skills to the teacher.
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Organized area that students AND teachers can work with

I think this is something that can be very useful for students and teachers for their classes. It is very easy for students to get into the class and even parents can get connected to it as well. The option for students to draw and get creative makes it more fun for the students using the app.
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Great Interaction and Simple

I think that this is an amazing educational tool that is not only easy to set up and use but also enjoyable for the students as it allows for more interaction and visual aid.
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Great interactive tool for parents and students!

This is a great project in my opinion. I love that this tool creates better connection between teachers and students or parents. This helps students have something to refer back to and allows parents to connect to their children and have a better understanding of what they learn in class.
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It is a great way to interact with both students and parents, allowing the parents to stay in the loop about what is happening in school.

I think this project would be a very beneficial teaching tool. I like how it is easily shareable and accessible. I also like how it can benefit any student, even if they are struggling or are considered advanced among their peers. This project could really help with the kids learning, especially with the various programs it provides.
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A Teacher's Dream

It is SO easy to use. There are AWESOME activities that have been created by other educators but it is also very easy to create a new activity. I teach Kindergarten so not all of my students are readers...SeeSaw has a feature in the directions portions where icons or dictation can be used to explain an activity.
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