Great student-centered tool for reflection and documenting learning

Submitted 4 years ago
Megan B.
Megan B.
Head of Academic Technology
The Park School
Brookline MA, US
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My Take

I love that Seesaw has a free version of the app, and I also love our new paid school subscription. However, we did experience some challenges in merging the two. For example, a free teacher account can easily be merged with the paid school account, but the classes cannot be merged. It's easy to create all student and teacher accounts and classes through an imported CSV file. I recommend creating folders for specials rather than adding more classes. In grades PreK-2 our students use QR codes to sign in, and in grades 3-5 our students are using their google accounts to sign in. Even though we are a 1:1 school, we are using the shared devices setting with QR codes for signin, and it is working well for us. Any teacher can pick up any iPad and document learning for any student.

How I Use It

Seesaw has been advertised as a digital portfolio and parent-teacher communication tool, but it is so much for than that. I love Seesaw as a tool for making student learning visible. While Seesaw can help teachers document final PRODUCTS, I love that Seesaw allows students to reflect and document their learning PROCESS. It is a great tool for formative assessment. My students are most often using Seesaw to photograph their work and then add an audio recording explaining what they're thinking. We are currently using this tool in grades PreK-5. One great feature of the tool is that, if you put all of the journal entries from one project into a folder together, with one click, you can print out a PDF of all of their QR codes, which can easily be displayed in the hallways along with the student work. This allows visitors to see the students' final products while hearing the student talk about their process of making them.