Excellent way to manage student driven portfolios.

Submitted 4 years ago
Lisa  S.
Lisa S.
P.S. 069 Daniel D. Tompkins School
Staten Island NY, US
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My Take

I love this product as a teaching tool since it is very easy for both the students and teachers to manage. It is very user friendly. It is very simple to manage the different subjects and place their work in the digital folders and it gets rid of the paper clutter! It is also an excellent way for the students to give each other descriptive feedback.

How I Use It

I use Seesaw in various ways. Students respond to different activities such as exit slips or specific tasks I have assigned to them.. They also use it to take pictures or videos of their work and upload it to the digital portfolio. Sometimes, we have some technology glitches such as the work not saving, or the students had difficulty using the tool while solving math equations.