Great tool for being reflective learners!

Submitted 4 years ago
Gary G.
Gary G.
P.S. 80 Michael J Petrides School
Staten Island NY, US
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My Take

As an educator, I found this digital tool to be beneficial in building reflective learners who took the time to think through their work and monitor their own progress. I was able to also link specific standards to the work they uploaded to show student work samples as evidence of addressing and achieving specific standards. Finally, the student engagement while using this tool proved to be the greatest advantage of them all. Students were eager to use SeeSaw and share their work products with one another as well as comment or "like" each others work. This tool helped me become more reflective and mindful of my planning and pacing as an educator.

How I Use It

SeeSaw is a practical digital tool to integrate into classroom instruction and engage learners. It was utilized as a digital portfolio for my students where they independently uploaded work products, writing pieces, and even video clips /photos of their learning to monitor and showcase their progress over the course of a school year. It was also used a means of communication between students who often shared photos of class notes or even exciting extracurricular events outside of school with one another. The uploaded of documents from Google Drive took time and practice for my middle school students. Parents also enjoyed being part of the SeeSaw and receiving updates of their child's progress and activity throughout the week.