Great Tool That Students and I LOVE!

Submitted 5 years ago
Asha C.
Asha C.
Soundview Academy For Culture And Scholarship
Bronx NY, US
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My Take

I enjoy the visual of the app. It engages students who are so drawn to social media. They were determined to post relevant and accurate answers and responses so their post could receive likes. Which is a great incentive to get them.

How I Use It

I used SeeSaw in many ways the possibilities were endless. However, the best way I have used it was for error analysis in my mathematics classroom. My co teacher and I posted a video of a debated we had on the calculation of a math problem. The students were to respond using any mean that liked (visual, audio, text...) whose work they agreed with and use evidence to justify their answer. Students then responded with each other to agreed or disagree with their peers.