Great and user friendly digital portfolio app.

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

It is an excellent teaching tool that provides a digital portfolio to keep record of the work that the students have produced. It allows me to have the students work independently, and gives me a time to help students that are showing misconceptions of the content material they are learning within the class. Students enjoy being able to see their work, as well as their peers' on the app. The only part that I have a with in the app, is that each time the students close the app they have to scan the QR code and then find their name to make sure that they are posting using the correct name.

How I Use It

The way Seesaw is used within my classroom starts by placing an instructional video for the students to view. I then allow the students to take pictures or videos of the work that was produced as a result of the instruction. Once students have shared their work, and I have approved it to be placed on the classes feed, students are able to watch and comment on each others videos and pictures. This app allows students to take ownership of their learning, all I pose is the directions of what I would like them to do and they do the rest on their own. Students that are shy or unwilling to talk will share their work in a medium that feels safer. It also allows students such as, English Language Learners or Special education students, that struggle with writing or putting work on paper they are able to verbally express their work. I have used the app in all content areas, and it allows me to get a better understanding of how students are progressing with the different contents. Students need to be walked through how to use the app as well as the different ways to post. Once students have a chance to practice, it is very user friendly.