"The" App to Embrace Student's Agency

Submitted 7 years ago
Fanny P.
Fanny P.
Consultant & Full-time education disruptor
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What I love about seesaw:
1- Increase student's voice and choice = student's agency and reveal student's love for sharing their learning and making them feel proud of themselves and take ownership
2- Easy to use by all and easy to share with parents
3- Keep confidentiality as parents can only view their child's work, so no "comparing" students etc.
4- Excellent to view progress of a child over the years! We can keep the same "class" on Seesaw but change the teachers and therefore, the students keep the same QR code and have all their history. How amazing it would be to see the changes over a few years!
5- Unlimited storage (I still can't believe this)
6-Makes teachers life SO MUCH easier because students do not need to take "backup", they simply save on camera roll and upload to Seesaw.
7- A live example of learning about and experiencing "Digital Citizenship" by becoming a creator and a publisher. Students can even make mistakes "safely" because Seesaw is not public. Teacher can decide to approve/moderate and keep teaching students about best digital citizenship practices.

How I Use It

Seesaw is an e-portfolio App that students can use to publish content. It's easy to use because it's visual, simple navigation and allow young students (like preschoolers for instance) to scan a class QR code and immediately start publishing by clicking on icons which allow them to take photo, a video, a drawing, upload from camera roll, take a note or share a link. If you select a visual, you can and add a voice-over and explanation. They can even use the "pause" button in order to make sequential explanation with voice and drawings. It's also super easy to share with parents so they can be connected to their child's learning in the classroom. It makes learning visible and tangible and empower students as they are the ones who can publish.