A good, customizable "center" type independent activity for Students to practice needed skills.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

Differentiation with (basic) skills is hard to reinforce within the typical lesson sequence of the day. This is a program that is designed to meet students where they are at, provide targeted practice and move them along towards grade level mastery, based on standards. While not a wildly exciting program, for it's intended purpose, it is a great interface for students. The built in rewards and social aspect make what could be a drudgery of worksheets far more fun. Students love seeing their banks fill up! For teachers, it provides a wealth of information in the reports -- including if a student is stuck in the same level and needs more personal remediation. Progress reports will let parents know the growth their students are making relative to whichever CCSS they are practicing. Great to send home with progress reports.

How I Use It

After entering students into a class, students take a pre-test to see where there may be "holes" in their skill development as required by selected standards. Based on these, you (or Scootpad), can create learning paths for groups of students, or even individual students, around needed skills. You set the "mastery" criteria (number of questions, practices, percentage of accuracy, etc), and Scootpad does the rest; differentiation and practice are the focus of this program. There is a feature where the items can be read aloud for students who need this as well. Students earn coins for completely answering questions, and bonuses for 'all correct' in a unit. Setting up a class reward program is an easy way to reinforce their practice - just like Chuck E. Cheese! There is also a small 'social' component: a board where student successes are noted, ability to leave messages for friends, give shout outs and create a person avatar.