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It's good, but after doing it you get easily distracted because its boring to the students. They don't like using it. I don't recommend it if used for main grade.

I didn't like it. The kids I work with didn't like it. The parents didn't like it.
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It is very informative and helpful for placement assestments

I found it to be very informative and help
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Promising, but needs to engage early elementary better.

A word of caution - Scootpad released a completely new interface in September, 2014. It is very different and looks to be targeted at an upper elementary/middle school. It has lost a lot of the pop for younger elementary students - my K and 1 students are really struggling with the audio support in the math areas. They added "scoots rials" to provide students with self paced help - some are better than others. I would definitely ask fora trial and pilot with real students.
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A good, customizable "center" type independent activity for Students to practice needed skills.

Differentiation with (basic) skills is hard to reinforce within the typical lesson sequence of the day. This is a program that is designed to meet students where they are at, provide targeted practice and move them along towards grade level mastery, based on standards. While not a wildly exciting program, for it's intended purpose, it is a great interface for students. The built in rewards and social aspect make what could be a drudgery of worksheets far more fun. Students love seeing their banks fill up! For teachers, it provides a wealth of information in the reports -- including if a student is stuck in the same level and needs more personal remediation. Progress reports will let parents know the growth their students are making relative to whichever CCSS they are practicing. Great to send home with progress reports.
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Great website for math and reading practice that is on the student's academic level.

I like the website. It is easy to navigate and doesn't take much of the teacher's time to get set up. It provides feedback to the teacher about who uses and what they work on. Most parents who have asked for ideas to help their child have liked the site as well.
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Using Common Core standards, customized paths, and the learners own pace

I like that I can customize the learning path for my students and that the learning path is based on Common Core State Standards. While Scootpad falls to the lower levels of Webb's Depth of Knowledge, I find that it makes good independent practice. I believe this will help prepare my students for standardized testing. The interface allows for a whiteboard-like section where students can work out math problems. In addition, students get feedback on how they did and what they missed. The teacher data is exceptional and helps pinpoint skills that students need additional direct teaching.
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This product is a great tool to reinforce standards. I use it for a center. You can customize assignments based on what standard you are learning. You can also create spelling lists so students can practice their words online.

I like it for review and practice purposes.
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