Outstanding curation and reference site.

Submitted 9 years ago
Keith R.
Keith R.
Chenango Forks High School
Binghamton NY, US
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Thought this was great - easy to use, easy to learn and easy to adapt.
There are a ton of content curation sites out there, but Scoop It has a very visually appealing format, easy to navigate and more importantly easy to search (as well as collect). Its intuitive, I picked it up farliy quickly, many of my colleagues picked it up quickly, and students caught on as well. Its a way to collect research and content thats not at all time consuming - for me (and any busy teacher - and find me one who's not) thats a huge selling point.

How I Use It

I use this as both a professional development and PLC tool.
I use it to collect materials for further use in my own teaching and to collaborate with fellow teachers. I work as a technology integration specialist at my school, and this is a great way to collect materials for use in training sessions, collect tools and articles I want to use in the future for development or to help build articles and/or develop our districts digital philosophy and I really like being able to follow the collections of specific thinkers/educators/colleagues out there who are working in like minded directions and collecting similar materials.
I also use this as a way to collect materials for my art classes (for further reference) as well as a place to send my students for not only pre-leson prep work but for follow up items as well. Its nice to have a place to collect articles or websites that I want them to look at, and have it be a visually appealing site that fast and easy for them to find things in (and seek out further research). This helps me to flip my classroom, so I can up the ante on what I actualy cover in class.
In addition, when I have students compiling information for research - this is a wonderful way to do that. It beats the heck out of just bookmarking sites (and again - Im a huge fan of the visual interface - immensely important for artists and visual thinkers) - and far more importantly, this site allows them to share and collaborate with each other as well as me.
While I had students who wanted to compile and curate using other tools, exposing them to this but then allowing them to explore also allows them to differentiate their own education to a certain extent.

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