This is a visually interesting curation tool that is a great way to share information, links, videos, etc for content consumption.

Submitted 10 years ago
Jen  S.
Jen S.
South Middle School
Arlington Heights IL, US
My Rating

My Take is a great tool to launch a learning in the classroom. You can gather all kinds of the research tools, videos, links, images into one place. It can be a resource spot, or a jump page for student use. Students can use it to curate the best of their resources that they used for research also. The students love the visual nature of the site. It is not a collaborative tool, or a creation tool. It is like a gathering spot.

How I Use It

I use it when we are launching a research session for students. This site gathers all the websites into one place. The students use my to read, research and gather information for their curriculum related projects.