Great LMS for teachers and students!

Submitted 3 years ago
Julia H.
Julia H.
Stephen Decatur High School
Berlin MD, US
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I love that I can provide my students with the resources they need and they can access the resources when they need them. My students can make up missed work from their absences before they come back to school. I can also more easily prepare and deliver lessons when I have a substitute and be able to see what my students have completed in my absence. It also allows me to easily communicate with my students about their work.

How I Use It

I have used Schoology in a variety of ways in my high school math classes. I currently use it every day for warm-ups that help students prepared for their online standardized test later in the course, as well as their exit ticket that provides me with information about how they feel about their understanding of the lesson for the day and their perspective of their participation. I also display my learning targets, success criteria, and agenda each day so students know what the expectations are for that day. I also use it regularly for quizzes to assess student understanding of the concepts. In the past, with other student demographics, I have used it to provide flipped lessons. Students would watch my instructional video for homework and complete a brief assignment. Then when they came to class we would review the questions from the lesson and address any misconceptions before applying their knowledge. This allowed us to maximize our class time so they could learn at a deeper level.