This is the best LMS I've ever used. With a user-friendly appearance, Schoology sets the bar for teachers to create engaging student content in an environment perfect for blended learning.

Submitted 5 years ago
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Now that we have started using Schoology, we aren't going back to using anything else. The ease of use and small learning curve for teachers and students has been amazing to witness. Kids love the features such as Badges, Discussions (where they can "like" and comment on each other's posts), and Media Albums that they can submit pictures and videos to. Teachers love how quickly course content can be created and added from a variety of resources.

Not only has it allowed our classrooms to take learning to the next level, but Schoology has created a forum for district PLCs to connect, collaborate, and share resources. Not only are teachers using Schoology in their classrooms, but Schoology has now become our source for designing online professional learning courses for teachers.

How I Use It

As a Technology Integration Coordinator, I oversee Schoology integration in our K-12 district. Schoology is our one-stop shop for all things digital learning. Schoology allows teachers to customize learning at a level previously unseen in our district. With the built-in features found with Schoology Enterprise such as individual assign, grading groups, and student completion rules, educators can customize learning to every student level in the classroom. The Test/Quiz features can be customized to allow for students to be assessed in numerous ways, as most educators know that there is more than one way to demonstrate understanding. Additionally, with the ability to integrate with other applications, Schoology has become our SSO portal for our reading, math, and science curriculum. As a GAFE district, we have also been able to fluidly use Schoology with our Google environments so that everything can be accessed and submitted in one place. Also, with the PowerSchool integration feature, teachers are able to grade assignments directly in Schoology and have them automatically synced to our SIS.