A Teacher's (and Student's) Best Friend

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

Overall, I will say that this product, though not perfect, has made my work as a teacher much easier. I wanted to go paperless and I wanted a system that could easily organize my units. Schoology has folders to do that and resources to keep me and my students organized. It also has groups for all different subjects, which allows me to keep in the loop about new features and products that can benefit me and my classroom. There are elements that still could be updated, such as student annotation features or captioning on webinars for the Deaf, but the Schoology team has been very responsive and open to feedback and are always working to make changes, so I have no doubt that those features will appear soon.

How I Use It

I use this system every day. My students are required to log in on a daily basis M-F. They have the option to work during the weekends, but are not required. There are so many options for teachers and students: assignments, tests/quizzes, discussions, videos, comments, likes, media albums, calendar, resources, question banks, student completion options, pictures, integration with Google Drive...and I use all of them. Last year, my students worked with me in a blended classroom environment and they enjoyed how easily it was on Schoology. This year, we are working on asynchronous units, and my students are loving it. They can work at their own pace and still get more individualized attention than they would without Schoology. I highly recommend it for any teacher who wants to take their classroom to the next level. Also, you get to go paperless! :)