Great website for stimulating students to form thinking processes that automatically put their brains in test mode.

Submitted 8 years ago
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I am really excited about this site and cannot wait to incorporate it into my lesson plans. After an initial lesson and daily review for about a week, I will probably use the "problem of the day" as a sort of bell ringer or open discussion for first few minutes of class. I believe that if they are exposed to testing materials often, it will help them think better when they actually take college entrance exams. For those not planning on college, it will still develop skills that will open their minds to a new way of thinking.

How I Use It

I am going to use this program as part of an English unit and a math unit. I signed up as a student to see what it was like and I believe that it will help students not only study for SAT questions, but also, help them get their minds in testing mode quickly. There is a "problem of the day" which is a challenge question and every day they can see what percentage of questions they answer correctly.