Great practice for college entrance exam

Submitted 9 years ago
Suwannee High School
Live Oak FL, US
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The SAT question of the day gives students daily SAT practice by providing them with an item for one part of the test.Because the site gives an explanation for the correct answer, students are able to see the error in their thinking if they happen to select an incorrect answer. The site allows students to become comfortable with the test format prior to sitting for the actual test.

How I Use It

I use the SAT question of the day as a bell ringer. The question is projected on the screen. Students walk into class and automatically take out a sheet of paper, copy the practice item, and attempt an answer. Then, the write a quick explanation of their choice. Before revealing the answer, I poll the class to see how many students choose each answer. Then, I reveal the correct answer and we discuss why the answer is correct. This is made easier by the site, which gives not only the correct answer, but also an explanation. Students who chose the wrong answer explain what answer they selected and why, and other students assist them in understanding why their thinking was erroneous.

I use the site for other things, as well. With my seniors, I require students to create an account on the site. Once their SAT scores come back, they use the site to see and analyze their scores. Other tools that students use on the site are the practice tests, college planning features, and career exploration tools. Students have praised the site for exposing them to financial aid information.