Great Resource to support your Language Arts Program

Submitted 8 years ago
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I really like the tools and resources provided by the ReadWriteThink site. I like how the site is organized so you can quickly find helpful tools to accompany your instructions. There are many resources to use and new to their site are videos to help utilize the site to its potential. The search features on the site are nice as you can search by grade, subject, skill, etc. Overall, I would highly recommend utilizing this site to help support your language arts instruction. There are great lesson ideas, project examples, etc. to help support learners of all ages.

How I Use It

The site ReadWriteThink has a variety of resources to help support your Language Arts instruction, which is very helpful. One resource I use from the site from year to year is the persuasive writing organizer tool. It works nicely because it allows students to enter their information, while also making them aware if they are missing any key information. For example, it requires a couple of reasons to support each of their statements. I found for some students they needed to see the big picture, rather than working in sections through the site. I found it beneficial to print on large paper an example of the entire organizer and used it for my mini lesson before I let students go off on their own. Once using the site student's could print of their copies, which made for another nice mini lesson to make sure students had factual evidence to support their statements as well as include a rebuttal.