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What does this site not have?

I love this tool because it has so many resources and motivational activities students can use in the classroom. It can help teachers find resources for teaching just about anything .
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Want Your Students to Read, Write, Think? This is the Site You Want!

ReadWriteThink provides everything from lesson plans to graphic organizers to printable resources. Teachers can opt to print exercises/activities or have students work interactively in some cases. Lesson plans and resources are available for all grade levels and are categorized even by enrichment, after school program, homework, and class assignments. The search engine also allows teachers to choose lessons by grade level, skills, and category, such as reading or writing.
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A Good Reading Writing Tool for All Grade Levels

The website would be helpful to prepare reading and writing activities for classrooms for all grade levels.
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Lots of information

I like that the website has an abundance of information and a variety of skills to choose from.
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I found this app to be wonderful and incredibly useful! Not only does it provide support for teaching literacy but it doesn’t incorporates other subjects such a math, science and life skills as well. This app provides lots of lesson plans and education

It’s a great way to assess where the child is at and also follows along with the common core standards. This app helps students to engage in learning and appreciate a different avenue of literacy.
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Great Graphic Organizers for Students of all Ages

This website is great. The website has teaching tips for all of the resources that they have, as well as lesson ideas. You can share what has worked well in your class on the site as well. My kids loved making their Bio-Cubes and wanted to do the process multiple times. The website can be a little daunting. There is a lot of information and resources on the site, you may have to spend some time really looking for what you would like. I have not found a resource on this site that I did not like. You can look up resources in a bunch of different ways, by grade level, type, objective, and theme. While it may seem like this site is directed at English/Reading teachers, I would recommend this site to teachers of most subjects.
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Create a comic from a plot mountain

The comic creator was very user friendly. Students only to drag their characters, backgrounds, props, or word bubbles to the comic cell. All levels of learners were able to complete it. All learners were able to add their own "personality" to the dialogue providing for differences in the learning levels. The comic creator was a great way for students to have their story in comic form--something the students thought was pretty cool. What I would change would be to give the students the ability to change the sizes of the characters, props, or dialogue bubbles. There seemed to be a glitch sometimes that would not allow the students to go back to a previous cell without losing all info. There is no ability to save so students must finish it in one sitting. I would also like the students to be able to change the font.
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A great resource for any English teacher!

I really enjoy using this program because they cover such a wide variety of topics and lessons. It helps get the students' creative ideas flowing.
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Useful for all levels of experience

Great resource to keep in your toolbox when you are looking for something specific for a lesson or need additional ideas. ReadWriteThink has a variety of approaches that is helpful to the classroom teacher. One weakness is the ability to embed interactive materials for students, plus flash is needed for most of these items. The printable materials are wonderful and easy to find.
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AMAZING resource for teachers!

Fantastic website for teachers. Dig through this over the summer and commit to using a few new activities/ tools during the first few weeks of school.
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