Want Your Students to Read, Write, Think? This is the Site You Want!

Submitted 4 years ago
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ReadWriteThink provides everything from lesson plans to graphic organizers to printable resources. Teachers can opt to print exercises/activities or have students work interactively in some cases. Lesson plans and resources are available for all grade levels and are categorized even by enrichment, after school program, homework, and class assignments. The search engine also allows teachers to choose lessons by grade level, skills, and category, such as reading or writing.

How I Use It

ReadWriteThink has been a valuable tool in my classroom. I mostly use the graphic organizers for writing, such as the Persuasive Essay Map. At times I have printed and have students brainstorm then have them go to the site and use the interactive essay map. The interactive map has them fill in boxes, gradually building their essay. Once they complete the boxes, they take what they have and pull it together into a complete essay with transitions.
It helps them learn the process of organizing and writing their essays.