Leveled book program with disposable books

Submitted 8 years ago
Denise W.
Denise W.
Kendon School
Lansing MI, US
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This resource requires a lot of copying and time to get the materials together. It can be a valuable resource for both high and low readers if struggling to provide materials at instructional and independent levels. Great take home because of low cost. Not practical to copy in color-so black and white is not that attractive (I let students color in the pictures)

How I Use It

This program has easy access to lots of leveled books (I found the levels did not match to their corresponding DRA level). The literature is not the highest quality but I do like that the vocabulary is varied from our book room and basel type resources. It does take a lot of time to make the books (possible parent projects) but the books make great send home books for practice at home. The program does include support work sheet type of extended activities.

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