Quizizz is a great alternative to the competition of Kahoot-keeping the learning in mind!

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

My overall opinion about this tool is very positive. I think it's the best of both worlds. It combines the fun and excitement of Kahoot but keeps the learning at the forefront. My students still had fun, but I felt as if the learning wasn't taking a backseat to competition. The reports after the quizzes allowed me to make instructional decisions, group students, and see strengths/weaknesses of individuals.

How I Use It

When I first discovered Quizizz, I was very happy as I was looking for an alternative to Kahoot. Sometimes I felt as though students were completely ignoring the learning or review that was to be taking place during a Kahoot game due to the competition factor. It felt as though the learning was getting lost, until I came across this resource. I have used this website/app to conduct pre-tests on concepts, as well as reviews before tests in all subject areas. I liked how it was "self paced" even though the kids could still compete if you wanted that feature. My favorite part was that I, as the teacher, have control over what feature are used for each session. I can keep the competition turned on for one session, but not another. Under the teacher settings there are many different choices for things that you can turn on and off depending on your reason for the Quizizz. Recently, they have allowed for teachers to insert their own memes which is awesome. There is also a library of premade quizzes that you can copy and edit to make your own.