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Good Learning Tool To Switch Things Up

This resource seems like it would be a good teaching tool. One critique I have of it is that it is a bit more confusing as a quiz format in comparison to other similar websites that have similar uses like Quizlet Live. Overall, Quizzizz is still a great supplement to add to your classroom reviews!
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Fun and interactive

As a teaching tool, as long as teachers are providing students with the need to know material, Quizizz is a very useful tool. This website as a resource gives students the opportunity to show what they know, while also learning new stuff that they might not have known.
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Customer Service is not helpful

I have been using this website for sometime now for practice quizes and lessons. AT a certain point I got a quote from one of their people who were trying to push for district and campus level membership. I told them I didnt think the school would go for it. The lady said, lets just put it in for now and we can cancel later. A second time I told her, they told me they dont think they will be going for it. She said lets just get you access and we will take care of that next time. She KNEW we were not interested in changing our status for membership. STill we got emails from them, of which I responded letting them know of the situation. No response. Now my classes are locked and I dont have access to my google synced classes anymore. I sent a help order out to them, of which they immediately closed without response. They did it a second time. The third time I threatened them with legal action and publicity as I was paying for the super subscription and there was no reason for my classes being locked. Suddenly I got a response with someone to help me. She requested a video of my screen and what I was going through. Of which I gladly complied. Her response was, I will need to investigate further, (she didnt know why either). I havent heard from her since. It's been nearly three weeks. They are trying to make more money because they know their product is successful. I wouldnt usually send this review, but if they are being this unprofessional, I'm not sure how trustworthy they are for future use. I would be weary.
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Confusing instructions and help

Then I tried to use it for in-class. Although I could easily see the good question set with correct answers marked, there didn't seem to be a way to test-run it. Also, I could not find out where access codes are (or how to make them if that is what I am supposed to do). The help material was dense and hard to follow as well as being incomplete. I had to give up. I'm going back to Kahoot! and Quizlet. Question sets were good and easy to find and look through.
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Bueno se disfruta de la competencia es una herramienta que los alumnos les agrada tienen que tener celular con línea, en la realidad de Perú los alumnos en muchas ocasiones no cuentan con celulares en la mano utilizan las de los padres pero aun así se esfuerzan por aprender.
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Quizizz is a great quiz based application

Quizizz is a great teaching tool. It creates a quiz environment that is light and fun with the game like atmosphere and memes for students after each question. The quizzes can be taken asynchronously which allows students to work at their own pace, on their own time. Students have automatic feedback on how well they did, so they can be empowered in their own learning. At the end of the test, students have the ability to review the questions to reinforce information about what they know and what they still need to work on.
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I love everything about this great study website just other than the Christmas theme coming before a Thanksgiving theme. I know it might sound a little crazy but you can’t just push turkey season off like a dog with it’s paws on the counter. Thank you!

I love everything about this great study website just other than the Christmas theme coming before a Thanksgiving theme. I know it might sound a little crazy but you can’t just push turkey season off like a dog with it’s paws on the counter. Thank you So much!
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Easy to grade!

It was very useful for the mandatory vocabulary tests. It graded them for you and allowed you to print each student's individual quiz as needed. I printed the quizzes of the students who failed the test so that they could review and retake the quiz on Monday.
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Quick and easy to set up and use!

I love that I can pull questions already created by other teachers and edit them (if necessary) to make them fit exactly what I need. It is very quick to set up and use and I love the feedback that I can get. Students love to use it because it is entertaining and engaging.
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Great tool for assessments!

I love using Quizizz in my classroom and the students always ask complete a quiz to follow up on a unit. There is always a positive response when I use Quizizz in my classroom.
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