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Quizizz is another entry into the online quizzing tools category. It allows you to sign up quickly and easily, create quizzes, or pull existing quizzes into your “My Quizizz” folder. Starting a quiz is as easy as having your students go to the site and punch in the quiz code provided by you. So, what makes Quizizz interesting? To start, it takes its lead from Trivia Crack in that it is colorful, visually attractive, and gamified. When kids take the quiz teachers can opt to have them see the scores of their competitors, just like in online games.
I look for ease of use, knowing that many teachers do not have the time and/or desire to master a new way of doing quizzes when the old way seems to work well enough. toward that end Quizizz has a wealth of short tutorials and PPTs to walk a teacher through the site. The auto-save feature frequently saves what you are working on, so no more, “I forgot to click “Save” before I closed the page!” moments, too. When I had a question I received a reply email in under four hours, on a Sunday!

That auto-save functions seems a bit tweaky. When I created a quiz in which I initially had answer options A, B, and D for question 2 the auto-save kept erasing my later inclusion of an option C. That was a little frustrating. Second, the option to random answer options between A-D is not possible to set until the moment you launch the quiz rather than being able to set that option, and others, the night before. This last item seems particularly unnecessary. I was impressed though, with the speed of the Quizizz support team’s answer to my query. I received a response on a Sunday, less than four hours after I initiated a question. Well done, Quizizz support team!

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Medium. This one actually takes a few minutes to figure out. If you like the strengths of the site (noted above) then it is worth it.

Best for ES MS or HS?
MS/HS, Teachers


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Hey, it is a quizzing service. It is what it is. I've used it only once, though not because of its overall quality. I like saving time, and creating quizzes in which I have to reenter the same answer options slows me down. Also, I use an LMS (Canvas) that has a fine, built-in quiz function. Importantly, Quizizz fixed this feature when they heard my review, so now Quizizz allows you to to copy the same answers for multiple questions.