Whole Class or Self-Directed Game Based Assessment Tool

Submitted 6 years ago
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This formative assessment tool may be used at the introduction of a unit to determine what skills students already possess, it may be used as an exit ticket at the end of lesson to ascertain how much they comprehended from the day’s lesson and what still needs review or it may be assigned alongside a flipped instruction video at home as reinforcement of the video’s instructional points. In this way, Quizizz’s versatility makes it a powerful tool. However, Quizizz only allows users to create multiple choice style questions and to attach one photo per question which do limit the tool.

How I Use It

Quizziz works across any curriculum and may be used with students from early elementary through high school. Like many of the game based assessment tools that are entering the mainstream, Quizziz is highly engaging and a popular activity with students. Quizziz includes some features that set it apart from some of these other tools, like Kahoot, that may appeal to educators, however. For example, I often recommend Quizziz as a game-based unit end review because it is self-paced and requires each individual student to complete the full suite of questions. Quizzizz will provide real time assessment, which can also be gathered in an Excel spreadsheet, for teacher review. Quizziz allows teachers to disable the competitive leader board option so students do not feel under duress or the in the spotlight while engaging in a fun review activity.