Quizizz: Making homework FUN and formative assessment FAST!

Submitted 6 years ago
Rachelle Dene P.
Rachelle Dene P.
Riverview High School
Oakmont PA, US
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My Take

Quizizz has been a really nice option to use for engaging students both in and out of the classroom. Because it can be used to assign games for "homework", it offers a great alternative to traditional types of homework assignments and leads to more authentic learning experiences for students. It is easy to get started with Quizizz, either by creating your own game or choosing from the thousands of games available in their public library. You can even pull questions from multiple different Quizizz games and create your own for classroom use. (A warning that you may end up assigning a 90 question game, but students can take a break!)
Sharing games is easy, whether through join codes, links or Google classroom. As for features, one of my favorite aspects is that it is student-paced. When playing "live", students see the questions on their device, rather than needing the Smartboard and for "homework" games, students can start and then continue later, by using the same Join Code and log in name.
For assessment, Quizizz offers great ​d​ata ​t​racking​, enabling teachers to quickly focus on which questions were answered correctly, saving time and enabling teachers to move on with the lesson. Or to focus on those answered incorrectly by ​looking at the class average, or reviewing each student's response​, or question by ​question. All data reports are saved and can be downloaded or printed, and there is a newer feature which provides the option to ​s​end an email directly to parents, from Quizizz, with the student's individual ​results. A nice feature which makes communicating student progress to parents much easier.
Quizizz continues to add new features to the platform, even adding a new app ZipQuiz, and there are some features that I think would make it even better. Adding images into the responses would be great for students studying culture, for identifying monuments or famous locations, for example. Setting the Quizizz games up for homework is a great option, the amount of time could be extended. And for reviewing, currently review can be done once the game is finished, but the ability to review after each question for ongoing reinforcement of the content would be a nice addition.

How I Use It

In my classes, we have used Quizizz both during class as the introduction to the new vocabulary as well as to practice before a quiz. Students enjoy being able to move at their own pace during the game, to be entertained by the memes (which can be turned off), and to see their results once the game has ended. As an alternative to traditional homework assignments, I have created Quizizz games for students to play in order to practice vocabulary or review verbs, and have also had students create games for our class to use. By having students create their own games, it offers a more authentic and meaningful way to practice the content and creates more resources for all students. I really like that it is quick to get started with Quizizz and that it engages the students more in learning.
For formative assessment, once all students have played, you can review each question as needed, based on the results in the report. The set-up makes it easy to quickly determine areas in need of some re-teaching of the content, as you can review by scanning all student responses, by each question, or by individual student.
Quizizz has worked well in the classroom, there were some connectivity issues periodically, and students were unable to respond to the questions. I like being able to assign games for "homework", the only improvement would be to have the deadline options be extended beyond the current limit of 15 days.