Fun and engaging whole class multiple choice question review activity for students!

Submitted 6 years ago
Tara W.
Tara W.
Golden Valley High School
Merced CA, US
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My Take

Many teacher may already be familiar with Kahoot, which is very similar. I prefer Quizizz because it gives me more options. If I don't want to reward faster thinkers, I can turn off the timer option. If I don't want kids to see how they rank in the leaderboard because they just learned the material I can turn off that option. Furthermore, the student screen is better for students. With Kahoot students had to see the answer choices on the teacher's screen projected. Quizizz puts the answer choices on the student screens. My students prefer this. They say it is easier for them to play the game without having to look up at the teacher screen and then find the corresponding answer on their screen. Kids also like the memes and the sound effects. Teachers will be happy to learn that they can search for quizzes that have already been created. This can be an incredible time saver for a busy educator. With more tech tools, I feel like the power of the tool comes from how the teacher uses it. This product is only as powerful as the teacher using it. If a teacher doesn't take student thinking beyond these multiple choice questions, this tool becomes merely a fun game. However, if a teacher follows up the Quizizz time with activities that deeper more cognitive power, this tool serves as an excellent review activity.

How I Use It

As an English teacher, I used Quizizz as a way to review material with students. Because Quizizz is a multiple choice question game activity, it doesn't allow students to get to the deeper levels of thinking that we need them to get to. This is not a criticism of the product. This product gets kids excited and involved. They answer the questions. I would recommend and encourage educators who use this to follow up Quizizz games with other activities. For instance, a high school teacher could make a set of questions about plot details from Chapter 4 of The Lord of the Flies. The students answer the questions. When they answer questions, they get immediate feedback and fun memes. They know when they answer questions wrong. They often want to find out the correct answer. After the review of the chapter through Quizizz, teachers can ask students to write an argument about the chapter citing textual evidence. Because they review the events in the chapter, they invariably write better analyses. What is great about using Quizizz is that I am guaranteed that all students will be engaged in the review process. I can see all of the responses. I can see which questions were the hardest for students and adjust instruction accordingly. Quizizz now has a homework option so kids can work on sets of questions at home at different times and still see how they rank in the leaderboard. If you do not want students to see the leaderboard, you have the option to turn that feature off. I would caution teachers against using this TOO often in the class. I have noticed that students like it unless they feel like they are using it too often. Kids who used in in math, chemistry, and my English class were less enthusiastic than kids who were using it less frequently.