Great explanations and examples of letter and resume writing

Submitted 9 years ago
Linda C.
Linda C.
Cabell Midland High School
Ona WV, US
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My Take

This site is an excellent tool because it provides accurate and appropriate examples of letters and resume formats. I liked their explanations, examples of formats to use, and feel it is professional. The one thing I found was that many students are reluctant writers and nothing is on the site to assist or encourage them.

How I Use It

This site has great examples of both letters and resumes for students to model their own. This worked because it is truly real world and applies to everyone, regardless of whether he/she is planning to attend college or search for a professional job. I used this site to introduce interviewing for jobs and scholarships, writing letters of application for a job and the correct format for writing a resume. This was also appropriate for a follow-up letter after an interview.