Accessible resource for higher level students

Submitted 9 years ago
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My higher level students still to this day utilize this website as a resource for their college papers. The lower level students find it too comprehensive to find what they need and they usually don't need it to be that comprehensive in order to get what they need. I will say though that to teach APA style - our entire department relies on that site in order to have accurate information.

How I Use It

I have used Purdue OWL writing lab since it's creation. I have mostly used it for larger research projects and ones that involve citing sources. I have printed their pages for my students, or directed them to access areas of the site for resources. I am also impressed by the thoroughness of the site - but you need to know what to access and what you are looking for. I do appreciate the organization and examples provided. Particularly the citing in-text citations and references page were extremely helpful to my seniors this year. It was nice to see the students toggle back and forth to pick up on how to effectively cite in their paper so they don't violate any academic integrity. Further, I find the examples to be appropriate for the sections BUT sometimes the examples are a bit more elevated.