This is very easy to learn to program and highly customizable for a variety of communication needs.

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Speech-Language Pathologist
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My Take

I love Proloquo2go and have 2 students using this app to help meet their augmentative communication needs. I have found it very easy to set up for a variety of communication opportunities, and I especially like the video tutorials that the company provides. I have also found that questions are answered in a timely manner on their Facebook page when I need further information about its use. It's expensive but a great alternative to the expense of a dedicated communication device that often costs $6000 or more.

How I Use It

I use Proloquo2go to allow my students to "read" an adapted book out loud, and I've found that one student in particular has increased verbalizations after hearing the Proloquo2go voice. It's also been used during a game activity such as "go fish" and "Mr. Potato Head" to request what is wanted, to make comments such as, "good game", and to describe things such as, "The pumpkin feels smooth and bumpy". It's also being used to share the current date and talk about the daily weather. It has pretty much worked for all language-enriching activities that I create with these 2 students with oral communication deficits. Occasionally, I do have to program in how to properly pronounce a word, but that is easy to do.