Comprehensive AAC app for individuals w/ limited language & communication

Submitted 10 years ago
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Proloquo2go gives a voice to individuals who are non-verbal and/or individuals who have difficulty with spoken language. Not only is PQ2Go one of the most intuiative AAC apps currently available, it also is one of the few AAC apps that can be customized to meet the need of the individual user which is what makes the app appealing to parents and educators of students with autism. PQ2Go contains options/advanced options regarding grid display, grid size, back ground colors, symbol display, fonts, voices, pronunciation, text to speak, word prediction, switch access, scanning, auto morphology, multiple users, etc. The features included in the latest version of PQ2Go version 3.03 are enough to make any parent/educator ecstatic over the possibilities of using this app and the iPad as a voice output device.

How I Use It

Several of my students use PQ2Go as their primary mode of communication. The students each have individualized vocabulary programmed in their iPads on the app that is updated as needed. Some students were previously users of dedicated AAC devices like the Dynavox, while others simply used PECS, sign language, and/or no formal communication system at all prior to the introduction of the iPad and PQ2Go. For users new to AAC, especially those using a voice-output device, it is recommended that a formal AAC evaluation be conducted by a qualified SLP to determine what system/device may be appropriate and what vocabulary should be taught and/or included on the system. We must remember that the device must match the student and his/her needs and not our preferences. It's about what the student needs and not the equipment that is available or what the parent wants.