Robust yet flexible AAC application

Submitted 9 years ago
Matthew N.
Matthew N.
William Fleming High School
Roanoke VA, US
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My Take

Proloquo2go is the best AAC application for iPad that I have come across. It is a robust communication tool, with a large library of images and voices, but is flexible enough for novice users and administrators to adjust and create communication boards and setting in seconds.

How I Use It

I primarily use this application with students who have significant communication disabilities. Boards can easily be set up for student use in a variety of environments, as well as designed for specific lesson/group interactions. The built-in library of avatars and images is quite large, including contemporary a pop-culture likenesses. It is quick andeasy to take photos when using this application on an iPad and use the image as a button on a communication board within seconds. User interface sensitivity features can be adjusted, but can be difficult to pinpoint for specific students (scrolls to fast, touches too lightly, etc.). The app is expensive ($219.99) but relative to other AAC options, is an incredible value for the money.