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I have used Haiku for several years; students learn how to navigate the system quickly. Setting up your class is critical. Take time in doing this as the organization of material can make navigation easy or difficult. For my language arts class, I aligned the course with the text we used by chapter (header) and units (sub-header). Chapters were only available to been “seen” once we moved into the chapter. Additionally, I created a page for the novel we were reading and all activities related to the novel were uploaded and easily assessable for students. I would like to express the value of creating screen casts for assignments and projects. Parents benefit from using the screen casts as I never have to explain the project to multiple parents as they can view the criteria on the system. They are a wonderful way for students to be able to review or receive direct instruction when a student is absent, to flip the classroom, or a substitute is in the class. Real accountability!

I highly recommend this product, just give yourself so
me time to sketch out your needs and how you want to organize the system!

How I Use It

Haiku learning management system (LMS) is an incredible tool. It is easy to navigate, offers a complete, closed, safe environment for student learning and allows for all levels of Blooms Taxonomy. Haiku allows teachers to polls and review the data confidential. Teachers can create assessments to check for understanding and remembering along with pages which contain helpful links and screen casts to explain directions and/or projects. Discussion posts, where students can be grouped by class, group, or pairs offer opportunities for students to apply, analyze, and evaluate current reading, writing, and/or video in a safe, academic setting. A wiki add-on allows for the customization of project creation where teachers can group by class, group, or individual/personal projects. Haiku’s generous storage allows for teachers to provide students with multiple resources and easy organizational structure!

For teachers, the LMS offers embedded attendance and reports, grade book along with comments, email, and again, lots of storage!