Kids learn about place value in the context of playing a basketball game.

Place Value Quick Shot

Hoops is the game; place value practice is the gain

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Platforms: Mac, Windows

Pros: Practice in two- and three-digit place value and expanded notation is presented in an engaging manner, and winning virtual prizes keep kids coming back.

Cons: While the game offers three levels of play, it is just one activity.

Bottom Line: This fast-paced and fun basketball game gives players practice with place value up to three digits.

Teachers can use Place Value Quick Shots for individual student practice, either for students who are advanced and need a challenge or for those who need remediation or extra practice. The game will also run on interactive whiteboards for whole-class practice or review. The pre-game and post-game assessments are helpful, and the game allows numerous save files to keep track of each student's progress.

Place Value Quick Shot is an interactive computer game that provides players with practice in place value up to three digits. The learning takes place within a fun, arcade-style basketball game. Players can choose from three difficulty levels (two-digit, three-digit, and expanded notation). There are timed rounds in which players look at the representation of the number and choose the basketball with the correct value. The more you get right, the more points you earn. The game offers a nice reward system that allows students to redeem their points earned for virtual prizes.

The math skills in Place Value Quick Shot are appropriate for the age range and are baked into the game experience. Students will enjoy the gaming atmosphere, and skills learned can be transferred to other outside tasks. There's a Score Report screen where players can see how much they've played and how successful they've been. There are also printable pre- and post-assessments that can be given to students.

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The game is engaging, graphics are stimulating, and there's a point system to earn virtual rewards. Players will want to come back to play again.


The game is well-designed and math skills are built in, including place values up to three digits using numerals and pictorial representations. Players will be able to transfer learning to new situations.


There are tutorials for the different levels of the game, but players who get stuck in the middle of a game may not be able to get the help they need to move on. There is a printable assessment option for extension.

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