Self-instructional tutorials tailroed to learning English phrasal verbs

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

This application reflects directed technology integration that focus on individual instruction and exercises. That said, my review only takes educational technology integration strategies into consideration because I have not used it in a classroom yet. Short animation for each phrasal verb and “translation and example” feature function as self-instructional tutorials in this application, which supports self-paced learning. In addition to short animations, this application includes drill-and-practice to help learners improve their weakness. For English language learners, one of the vital prerequisite skills is vocabulary, so the drill-and-practice feature remedies such skill deficit and prepare learners for higher-level learning in the future.

How I Use It

I have been using this application (lite version for mobile devices) for my self-paced learning so far. Whenever I have time, I open the application and choose either short animation for phrasal verbs or drill-and-practice exercise. Some animations do not clearly describe the meanings of phrasal verbs. In that case, “translation and example” feature complements my understanding by giving the written concrete definitions of phrasal verbs. The exercise provides immediate feedback, which fosters productive learning.