A modern tool that can help students fill the gaps

Submitted 7 years ago
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My Take

This is a tool much like a calculator is. If used properly it can be powerful. I equate having access to this to being similar to having the answers provided in the back of the book. The difference is that the steps are provided which allows the students to practice the correct process when solving a mathematical equation as opposed to reinforcing poor habits by practicing incorrect steps because a student did not truly get the concept in class. I like this as a helpful tool when a student is working on homework.

How I Use It

This is really not a teaching tool. That being said, it is a tool and a helpful one at that. Basically, a student using their camera on their device to scan a question and the app provides the answer and steps taken to solve the problem. While there is no explanation provided, the steps are helpful when a student is stuck or needs a little push on how to solve something. There is fair concern that a student may just use this to "cheat" on their work and not take the time to actually learn the topics, but most students are interested in learning and the hints provided can help a student get over the hump.