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This app is great for educators

As a math tutor, I see kids from kindergarten to 12th grade. Sometimes I'll get asked a question on a problem I don't know or don't remember how to solve. I would use this app ask a teaching tool so that I may relearn the process on how to solve the problem, then I would later explain it to the student. I would not recommend this to a student because, students can easily use this app to solve questions without learning the material. But i would definitely recommend this to educators to help them relearn the concept.
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Very simple and good calculator, can do algebra

Probably best calculator ever
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Quick and simple way for students to check their work!

I would suggest this for any student having problems with the step by step process of things like graphing polynomials. It is great for visual learners if they have a teacher that lectures a lot in math because they can see the graph and the steps in front of them, and since its an app on the phone, you can take it anywhere! The downside of this is students could possibly take advantage of it to just do their homework for them. I would only suggest it to those really struggling who don't have the opportunity for other outside help.
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A modern tool that can help students fill the gaps

This is a tool much like a calculator is. If used properly it can be powerful. I equate having access to this to being similar to having the answers provided in the back of the book. The difference is that the steps are provided which allows the students to practice the correct process when solving a mathematical equation as opposed to reinforcing poor habits by practicing incorrect steps because a student did not truly get the concept in class. I like this as a helpful tool when a student is working on homework.
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PhotoMath is an app that allows you to see how to work out equations

I use this app very sparingly because often students are tempted to use it before they've worked the problem out so monitoring is very important. It can be a very useful tool, especially for lower learners and special needs students who need to see problems worked out over and over again.
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