Great for Teaching Rules of Phonics

Submitted 8 years ago
Courtney S.
Courtney S.
Central City Elementary School
Huntington WV, US
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My Take

This app is somewhat boring. It is great to work on sounds, but it only reads the words. The students lose interest quickly. It does not have fun colors or graphics. It is not a fun app for students. It is an informative app to use to further understanding of what they are learning.

How I Use It

I use this app in small groups to practice word families, beginning sounds, ending sounds, vowel sounds. and "magic e." You chose which skill and sounds you want to practice. This depends on what you are working on at the time. The students click on the word family and it gives students a list of words that follows that rule. The students listen to the word and see the word at the same time. This allows them to make a connection. They can listen to the words as many times as they wish to listen to them. It allows students to make the connection. I have the students tell me the sound and rule they hear. We are making several connections to the words as the see, hear, and say.