Great resource!! Highly recommended

Submitted 7 years ago
Hallie R.
Hallie R.
Elm Tree Elementary School
Bentonville AR, US
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My Take

There are so many wonderful things about One Globe Kids. There are so many different ways to use this resource. The slides can be read in small groups, individually or whole class. There are extension activities and ideas for differentiation. These stories can be used for one lesson, or multiple lessons. Overall, One Globe Kids promotes global awareness and understanding. Students are able to relate and make connections to kids all around the world. I was amazed at my students' engagement and level of understanding. I highly recommend this resource.

How I Use It

I have used three different stories so far with my students (Aji, Valdo, and Jenissa). Each time, as a class we take turns reading a caption from the slideshow about the child's life. I have used the questions from the teacher guide to check for understanding. I am always blown away at how those questions promote good discussions and connections. Then I have my students individually complete a writing prompt found in the extension activities. Usually the prompts require students to compare or contrast an aspect of their life to the child they just learned about. My students love learning about these children around the world. If I had more time or more access to technology in my classroom, I could use these lessons very differently.