FABULOUS tool for global education!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

My 3rd graders were able to gain an incredibly deep understanding of the varied cultures that this ap presented. I was amazed at the profound appreciation they grew to have for each child's culture and their ability to reflect upon similarities/differences in their own lives. The narration and photographs were incredibly engaging. At the culmination of the last child in the ap, my students were begging to "meet" more kids.

How I Use It

I used this ap to support a unit of inquiry about culture that my 3rd graders were participating in. This ap was fantastic in that I was able to use my computer whole group, and the iPads for small group instruction. Having the option to use the online version was so helpful, and will be so beneficial to teachers who have a limited amount of iPads. The teacher guide, and curriculum supports were fabulous. I appreciated that each child and location was centered around a theme. This helped make whole group and small group discussions productive and meaningful. The only issue I had with this ap was that it took a really long time to download each child and all of their components on to each iPad.