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Great resource!! Highly recommended

There are so many wonderful things about One Globe Kids. There are so many different ways to use this resource. The slides can be read in small groups, individually or whole class. There are extension activities and ideas for differentiation. These stories can be used for one lesson, or multiple lessons. Overall, One Globe Kids promotes global awareness and understanding. Students are able to relate and make connections to kids all around the world. I was amazed at my students' engagement and level of understanding. I highly recommend this resource.
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FABULOUS tool for global education!

My 3rd graders were able to gain an incredibly deep understanding of the varied cultures that this ap presented. I was amazed at the profound appreciation they grew to have for each child's culture and their ability to reflect upon similarities/differences in their own lives. The narration and photographs were incredibly engaging. At the culmination of the last child in the ap, my students were begging to "meet" more kids.
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Great interactive stories to help teach global awareness.

I loved that the students were able to hear the stories told by children themselves. The teacher's guides were very helpful, and I also appreciated the photos accompanying the stories. My students really liked the counting and word portion.
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It has been a wonderful addition to my classroom instruction, the app is a perfect travel experience without being "touristy"

I truly enjoy this product, it has helped my students see other parts of the world as similar and not different. The draw back for me is that many of my students do not have internet access in their homes and could not utilize it that way.
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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Engaging global learning experience for students; fabulous curriculum resource for teachers

My third graders developed cultural understanding and perspective-taking skills through reading and listening to the diverse kids' stories from around the world, learning about their countries, and making comparisons to their own daily lives. Because the well-written One Globe Kids' stories are so beautifully photographed and are so authentically narrated, my students really connected with them. I am most impressed that One Globe Kids does not shy away from telling the honest, yet non-judgmental, stories of the challenges that face kids in developing countries. This was eye opening for many of my students, yet they were still able to identify with their commonalities regardless of the differences, and admire the warmth and resilience of spirit of the families and communities portrayed.
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