Great resource that provides fascinating visual information

Submitted 3 years ago
Alondra C.
Alondra C.
K–12 school
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My Take

This app provides a variety of visual and periodical resources. The display of the resources is visually appealing. I found myself entranced by the videos and pictures displayed on the carousel. On the other hand, this app lacks organization when it comes to searching for specific topics within a category. I enjoyed the collection of resources when I clicked a category, but they were not organized in a particular order. This made it difficult to search for a video on a specific topic. I observed the same issue under "News." The search bar solved this issue, but having additional categories of topics would be helpful. This app can initially be a substitute for printed books and scientific articles. However, it can also be used to modify tasks and create new ideas, allowing for higher order thinking. Overall, I enjoyed using this teaching tool. It would greatly benefit my students in teacher-led lessons as well as through student-driven work.

How I Use It

I would use this product as an additional source of information to reinforce my lessons. For example, I would lead my students in a lesson using the videos and pictures provided by Science Zone. I would then complement the lesson with a research project or assignment, allowing students to use the app as a source of information. I would also use this resource as a resource for small group work or homework assignments.