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Great resource that provides fascinating visual information

This app provides a variety of visual and periodical resources. The display of the resources is visually appealing. I found myself entranced by the videos and pictures displayed on the carousel. On the other hand, this app lacks organization when it comes to searching for specific topics within a category. I enjoyed the collection of resources when I clicked a category, but they were not organized in a particular order. This made it difficult to search for a video on a specific topic. I observed the same issue under "News." The search bar solved this issue, but having additional categories of topics would be helpful. This app can initially be a substitute for printed books and scientific articles. However, it can also be used to modify tasks and create new ideas, allowing for higher order thinking. Overall, I enjoyed using this teaching tool. It would greatly benefit my students in teacher-led lessons as well as through student-driven work.
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Wonderful way to emphasize the diversity of science fields

Great way to jump start conversations about science and the scientific method. Needs teacher prep to make sure the content is not muddled along the way and to choose better topics. It gives the students a feeling of choice in the matter and revives curiosity. It's a nice opportunity to model appropriate questions to ask and how to decipher tough concepts. Many of the images discuss experiments and lend themselves to an analysis of how the scientific method is employed.
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Spectacular high-resolution images!

A handy tool for teachers is the ability to email videos and images for later use. In addition, the in-app news feed lets teachers keep abreast of breaking science news. With a single touch, teachers can keep an archive of material they’ve used in class, saving favorite images and video clips for easy re-use. Arguably the app’s best feature is the new content it adds weekly.
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interactive science article and news site where you can access a variety of science-related articles along with videos

I really like this site. It great when students must relate societal, cultural and economic issues to key scientific innovations. Additionally, they could use these these articles to construct and defend potential solutions to the societal and given current science-technology-societal issues contained within the app.
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Sparked interest in Science, taking pictures then writing.

Science is in the eye of the beholder, fostering creativity, interest in Science prompting writing and telling stories.
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Amazing experiential tool for exposing students to science in all disciplines!

I used this app with students from grades 7 to 12 in every science class imaginable and it is easy to adjust the learning level using the same video or picture. The images are stunning and varied. This app helps with the introduction of a topic or as a summary; it all depends on how creative you can be. Your facility needs a good internet connection though because it can take a lot of bandwidth.
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I really like to use this as a visual for the students in class.

I think this can serve as a great learning tool in itself, or as a backup visual for students to see the information in action. Videos are good quality and very informative. I would not be afraid to use this in a wide range of classrooms on a wide variety of curriculum levels.
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Great library of videos!

I have used this app to supplement my teaching. I think it is a an excellent source for supplemental videos. My students have used it as a learning tool. I like that the videos are current science events or related to current science events. The videos do not seem outdated or old. This app allows your students to explore videos and other content related to science at their own pace. The only downfall of this app is the plethora of videos it contains. My students occasionally got lost in searching and got off task but in my eyes, as long as it was interesting to them, I didn't mind the off task work.
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Useful, informative videos, good for students to do some independent learning

This is a great app when students have some time for independent practice. Students select videos that interest them and watch them on their own. It would be great if students were required to fill out a form after watching the video answering basic questions like, "what was the video about?" and "one thing I learned was _______".
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Great for starters to lessons

It is a great resource for starter information. It is also great for inquiry based lessons where they get a little bit of information and have to do labs or research based on what they saw.
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