Wonderful way to emphasize the diversity of science fields

Submitted 8 years ago
Marilyn G.
Marilyn G.
Santa Barbara Junior High School
Santa Barbara CA, US
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My Take

Great way to jump start conversations about science and the scientific method. Needs teacher prep to make sure the content is not muddled along the way and to choose better topics. It gives the students a feeling of choice in the matter and revives curiosity. It's a nice opportunity to model appropriate questions to ask and how to decipher tough concepts. Many of the images discuss experiments and lend themselves to an analysis of how the scientific method is employed.

How I Use It

This app is a fun weekly whole class practice. I love the diversity of topics displayed giving the students a better feel of the sheer scope of scientific topics. We always tell students science is everywhere and this helps support the notion. I initially thought to let the students choose a topic each time, but that quickly became chaotic and the sites should be checked out beforehand to better prepare your presentation of the topic. I use it as a way to model life long learning skills. The descriptions accompanying the images/videos can be heavy with scientific terminology so it's best to read up on it a little or model appropriate questions to ask and show students how to look up more information about the topic.

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