NRICH can be used as part of a website list for Algebra homework help.

Submitted 10 years ago
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My Take

It is because there are many good math websites available to help with algebra that are easy to use and offer what NRICH offers(and more), that I would only use NRICH as a website for students to use as a reinforcement tool not as a learning tool. The site comes with algebra games, problems and activities that can be played online or offline and does offer free enrichment material. However, the site is unorganized, not user friendly, and does not offer a good search tool. One interesting feature it does have is the "Just ask NRICH" that is setup like a forum that can be used to help with problems.

How I Use It

I had different learners test the site. Although students had difficulty navigating the site they found the games and activities engaging and liked that there was a solution link available that provided explanation. Feedback from the students "there are better math websites out there". I would not write off the site completely. I would recommend including NRICH as part of a website list resources for students to access as tool to help with homework.