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Awesome tech tool

Excellent one
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Great product to use for whole group or small group or individual engagement

My overall opinion about this product is that it is a very useful teaching tool. I like that it allows for individual students to work on skills or push themselves and learn new ones.
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Great for finding challenging problems.

There are many math problems on this website. It has current problems which do not have answers. Students can solve them and send in their solutions. It also has all of the past problems. The problems are engaging and keep my students interested.
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NRICH can be used as part of a website list for Algebra homework help.

It is because there are many good math websites available to help with algebra that are easy to use and offer what NRICH offers(and more), that I would only use NRICH as a website for students to use as a reinforcement tool not as a learning tool. The site comes with algebra games, problems and activities that can be played online or offline and does offer free enrichment material. However, the site is unorganized, not user friendly, and does not offer a good search tool. One interesting feature it does have is the "Just ask NRICH" that is setup like a forum that can be used to help with problems.
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Nrich is a brainy website for promoting math problem solving skills.

NRICH will get you thinking about math in new ways. The website is a rich source of clever games, activities, and inquiry problems. Some games are playable online, others are mention for offline practice. My students enjoyed some of the online games, but most of them required mini-lessons from teachers in order to understand how to play. Certain NRICH activities kept my students interested in math patterns and problem solving for extended periods of time. NRICH also has "Live Problems" which are inquiry-based math problems. Students can submit their answers online. Unfortunately, the website is not very well organized or searchable. It is difficult to tell what games could be played online vs offline. Many of the games involve gather resources, so be sure to plan ahead. Since NRICH is based in England, the information is not searchable by Common Core standards. It takes some serious time and exploration to pull out activities and problems that will serve your students well. The website is also text-rich which might make it less accessible to some students.
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