What an amazing experience for us all!

Submitted 4 years ago
Jill S.
Jill S.
Porter Ridge High School
Indian Trail NC, US
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My Take

Over, this has changed my teaching style. No longer do I have to compete with cellphones and distractions all the time. I'm not saying those problems are 100% gone, but students are so much more engaged now. I can't recommend this highly enough!

How I Use It

I use this for presenting new material and practicing as a group. There is so much to it. I love to stimulate thinking at the beginning with an open-ended question. A short video link gives background information. I then have a few slides delivering new information. Then we practice as a group. Students can literally use their mousepads on their Chromebooks to draw the answers in. I also use fill in the blanks on a paragraph with words from the word bank. I do this as a class but can also assign it to be student-led for students who missed class.