Revisiting an Old Tool

Submitted 3 years ago
Maria S.
Maria S.
South Vermillion Middle School
Clinton IN, US
My Rating

My Take

This tool, at its free level, offers basic questioning options which is great. However, Gold offers so much for student engagement and critical thinking. Truly worth the extra money! I used Nearpod back in 2016 to train teachers and had slid it under the rug. This was worth the REvisit!

How I Use It

I began using this to teach Finance, Digital Citizenship, and College and Career Lessons. I wanted to lock students into an app with Apple Classroom that would ensure they were following along. This was my answer. Then, I had to be absent from school a few days due to illness. I purchase Nearpod Gold and my students were able to progress through my created lessons at their own pace! This was a game changer for me. I now use this for stations in the room or for individual/small group review sessions.