Fun, Engaging Presentation platform!

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Nearpod is a great learning tool. It is very easy to use by simply uploading your presentation slides into the app. There is also the option of using a student-paced or teacher-paced mode which is fantastic. The student-paced mode allowed students to work at their own pace which ultimately differentiates the learning experience for the students.
It could serve my teaching better by having a connection between the activities that students do and Google classroom, especially for the objective questions where the data could directly enter Google classroom for further analysis.

How I Use It

I use Nearpod in the classroom to add spark and engagement to lesson presentation. It worked well to stimulate greater student involvement in the learning process, through multiple choice, poll questions, drawing tools etc. There is also an element of collaboration that it provides and links to websites that students can directly access, which gives them a sense of ownership and independence in the learning process.

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