Nearpod is a wonderful tool for today's learners

Submitted 4 years ago
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My Take

Nearpod allows the teacher to use technology, pedagogy, and content knowledge for successful lessons in today's modern classroom. I struggle with daily assessment and this is a great tool for that. I can put subtle things into lessons to see if they're grasping it. I love the collaborative learning here as well. Students can see their own answers and ideas on the projector as well as their classmates. You can even block the names from being listed so that students feel more comfortable sharing. It's great to be able to scaffold content in order to the students to get a deeper understanding of the material. You can truly account for different types of learning styles. There are multiple ways to represent the material and that's what makes Nearpod such an effective tool.

How I Use It

Nearpod is a great resource for interactive classroom learning. I use it for lecture, pre-assessment, and post-assessment. It's a great way to keep students engaged and for you, as the teacher, to control the pace of the lesson. It allows you to successfully augment and modify current lessons to make them that much better. Little things like the doodling function are great. I like to use the doodling to give the students a little brain break. The open-ended questions can promote great discussion and the quiz questions allow for real-time assessment. I also enjoy the virtual tours to places around the world. As a social studies teacher, it's great to give the students a real example that they can see and explore.