NearPod-- Transforming PowerPoint Lectures to Engage Learners

Submitted 5 years ago
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My Take

While I think that NearPod is a low level technological change-- really it is just substitution with the added benefit of engagement-- I do think it can have a large impact on motivating students to participate and collaborate. I think it also adds for differentiation for auditory and creative learners.

How I Use It

Majority of the lessons I have sat through in my high school and college career have been lecture accompanied by PowerPoint. New Common Core Standards are really trying to steer away from this behaviorist way of teaching students through rote memorization, and transition to active learning. I think a lot of teachers are having a hard time getting through the vast amount of information without lecturing students. NearPod is a great alternative that allows students to participate in their lecture by answering polls, responding to open ended questions, and even airdropping photos and drawing pictures in a live lesson. NearPod allows for a built in pre assessment and exit ticket which can show them students are actually absorbing the information being taught.